November 08, 2004

Regan, Marie
Intro to the study and theory of film

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I picked Prof. Regan's class based on the relatively good reviews on CULPA and boy was I mistaken. As a non-film major who is nevertheless genuinely interested in film, I found the actually screenings genuinely interesting, but Marie is insufferable! Maybe she has changed her teaching style since the previous reviews, but she talked to us like a kindergarten class. She started the first class by lecturing us on how she always starts the class on time, not because we have a lot to cover, but because we college students need to learn time management skills! Maybe it's the jaded upperclass(wo)man in me, but I was genuinely insulted by the way she treated us like kids. the discussions are usually atrocious, not because the students aren't trying, but because she limits the discussion to calling out lists of the formal elements we have discussed in class ("okay, kiddies, who can spot an iris shot?"). Some of the readings are interesting, but be prepared for pomo hell with the film theory. All in all, I could have gotten the syllabus, rented the films myself, and been none the worse for it.


Short paper, midterm, take home final. Not particularly hard, but be precise, as she tends to be inflexible with the grading.