May 14, 2004

Olsen, Victoria Silver_nugget
[FYSB BC1156/69] First Year Seminar: Legacy of the Mediterranean I

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REALLY NICE and sweet! She really tries to help you with your writing. She even emailed our class a long email asking us what we wanted her to do differently to help us more in writing. She also is really understanding about demanding workloads and will extend deadlines if you're swamped. I loved her as a professor. She's not the kind of professor who will yell at you if you didn't read. I didn't partiicpate much in class and still got an A, but it is important toshow her that you work hard on your essays. She is really open to meeting with you to help you on your essays. I met with her several times about my rough drafts any time i was stuck. She helped me find certain ideas to expand in my paper so that i could make the paper longer. And she's really cool with email. One time, during the weekend before a paper was due on Monday, I had major writer's block and couldn't expand my paper anymore. I just emailed the paper to her and she got back to me quickly with advise. She's also very understanding for writing recommendations. AWESOME TEACHER!!! Really nice! loved her!


reading. manageable. If you're ever really swamped with work and cannot make a deadline for a paper, just let her know. She's really understandable.