May 10, 2004

Brady, Frank
Essay Writing (Journalism)

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

My personal experience in the class was coming in, sitting down, listening to him ramble on for an hour about anything that randomly crossed his mind, and then spending the second hour listening to students read their work -- something I could very well have done on my own. At times, I found him interesting. After all, he spoke of his experiences as a writer and I want to BE one --but most of the time I found his comments self-involved, common-sensical and unenlightening. Of course, he was such an amiabe man so that made up for it - but there were times during the semester when I just saw no point in going to class.


Assignments do aprx every other week. 5 articles - a personal experience, critical review, op-ed, news story and a longer in depth profile. Even if the techniques behind writing them don't need a one-hour lecture, you'll feel accomplished all the same. The in depth profile can be an especially rewarding experience. He's an easy grader, too.