Seriously, the best art instruction I've received at Columbia, and I'm a major, and have taken lots of courses. Edward Minoff is kind of the perfect art professor. He's dedicated, never cancels class, outrageously talented, gives super honest feedback (he doesn't give the passive feedback that most of the Basic Drawing and Painting I professors notoriously give), genuinely helps you work through your drawing, and is willing to be just as committed to your drawing as you are.
I highly recommend this class for anyone who deals with light. It rearranged how I perceive light and shadow. It is knowledge that is translatable to basically all other forms of visual art. I don't know why this class isn't required for majors. This class took me from feeling like I was a phony to actually feeling like I could draw anything after it was over. Edward demystifies drawing and if you think you have a world of drawing experience and couldn't learn anything more about the skill I think you'll find out that you're wrong once you get in the classroom with Edward Minoff. But he's also just a normal guy, too, not a high and mighty weirdo or self-absorbed artist. He just kind of has the vibe of a generally good person who likes what he does and helps others improve their skill set. He has no idea that he's so beloved by his students, which is always the mark of a good professor, in my opinion.
He's introverted and slightly awkward but is kind and he has really cool stories, so you should just keep bugging him for information about his work and life experience.


Tiny homework assignments at the beginning of the semester to just work out a few basic skills for the rest of the class. Otherwise you just need to show up to every class, if you don't, you'll definitely fall behind, and it's the kind of class where you really want his feedback. Unlike many visual arts courses, working alone isn't as productive as working in class. He gives constant guidance in class, and you'll need it.