Big fan of Prof Popkin. She is one of those professors that actually cares about her students' understanding and will do anything for students who actually want to learn.

In response to what someone said about being lost during her lectures: that's sort of your own fault. If you don't do the assigned readings before the lecture, yeah it gets pretty confusing. But if you do, Prof Popkin pace feels quite refreshing. In a lot of literature classes professors tend to over explain/analyze a single element of the novel while they neglect the rest. Prof Popkin tries her best to touch on everything. I really appreciate how she jumps from idea to idea. There simply isn't enough time in class to discuss everything, yet still she tries. And yea, after presenting an idea she asks some open-ended questions about it... but is this bad? it's obviously to make you think deeper. She won't necessarily answer these questions because 1. there's no time & 2. she wants you to think for yourself & discover your own meaning to the texts... With that said, if you are unclear about anything said in class, her office hours and review sessions are super helpful. Definitely take advantage of them.


Anna Karenina and The Brothers Karamazov are pretty thick and easy to fall behind on, so definitely recommend reading over breaks and long weekends.