I thought Professor Bin Guo did a great job. It's a really hard class that I would not advise taking for fun, and you need to attend lecture, do the homework, get help, and study to stay afloat, especially second semester. You also really need to ask questions in lecture. Otherwise, he will keep rolling through the proof, leaving you half an hour behind.

The tests were really hard, which allowed him to grade fairly with a gorgeous curve. I warn that what he calls "easy" is easy FOR HIM, not for me anyway.

I disagree with the comment written below that he can barely talk and smile at the same time and find that more likely an inappropriate reaction to his accent, which was a little hard for me to follow at first, but I figured it out, especially because he writes everything on the board. He does follow the textbook pretty strictly for the first semester but leaves it completely for Lebesgue Theory in Analysis II, which makes lecture absolutely necessary.


TONS of studying for the tests
Only two homework problems/week are mandatory and graded lightly, but the rest are necessary for the tests, and some can take a while if you don't figure out the trick
Didn't need to read the textbook because he went through it in lecture