This was not my first choice class for a multitude of reasons and ending up in it was rough. I will say the good part first: I truly learned how to write. I did end up producing one excellent paper at the end.
Frankly, I was scared of meeting with her. I went to meet with her pretty much every step of the way for every single one of my papers and I left her office a hysterical mess. She is BRUTAL on papers, your ideas, justifications, etc. I tried to speak in class but ended up having my ideas torn up by her in class and it was an embarrassing, dread-inducing experience. I understand that she's trying to get us to stand up for our interpretations and back them up with evidence but it just ends up being an uncomfortable time for everyone involved.
With regard to the papers, she wants you to write her way and that's it. There is no other method if you want a passing (yes, passing) grade. Any deviation from her method results in a D or an F.
I would recommend against taking her class because I am certain that there are other professors who will turn you into just as good of a writer without being as hurtful.


Minor assignments: close reading assignments that tend to be about a page long
Major grades: 2 papers (a lot of rough drafts to keep you on top of the work so you don't push it to the last minute) and one final 8-10 page research paper.
Fair amount of reading but not unmanageable