I had First Year Writing: The Americas with Watson. While all of the other students' experiences with Watson are valid, I had a more positive experience with her. I came to Barnard having little to no writing skills under my belt from high school, so Watson basically taught me most everything I know about writing college level papers. She completely changed my view of the writing process. Before, I thought the writing process was writing the essay and then checking it once for grammar mistakes. Watson taught me that revising an essay may be completely transforming original ideas to make room for more mature, coherent claims. In her class I didn't stop editing an essay until I thought it was perfect, and I have never done that in my life simply because I was too lazy. I now have the type of work ethic that not only transferred into my other classes but into my lifestyle. Also the books we read in class were absolutely fascinating and Watson always offered new ways to interpret the books which really opened my eyes to what literature can be. While not everyone liked her, my writing skills vastly improved because of her brilliance and I will be forever grateful to her.


3 papers. Worth a lot so put time and effort into them!