I took Professor Wiggins seminar last fall semester. There has been negative comments about him, but I did not find him insulting at all. Most of the seniors’ presentation went smoothly and he was willing to listen and ask questions to the presenters to make sure he was understanding their topics. I barely skipped his class and I did not see him being condescending to the students.

In my case, I do not think I had enough time to prepare for my presentation and I frankly told him that I was baffled and lost on how to begin my presentation. He took me seriously and spent hours generously helping me to finish my presentation.

So if anyone has to take the seminar course, don’t hesitate to ask him for help. I found him truly helpful.

Each student has to present their own topic for 75 minutes and I do admit that the presentation is long, but all you have to do is chillax during class. It is worth getting to know the professor and the students who have a same major as you. You get to know what others would be doing with the major once they graduate.


Juniors- A light workload. You have to write about 250 words each for 5 presenters. A 500 word reflection at the end of the semester.

Seniors- A 75 minute presentation.