Patrizia is an amazing woman.

I took Advanced Conversation with her, we were only 6 students. She asked our opinion about every topic and let us shape the class as we wanted.

You don't need to worry about grades at all. Even when she schedules an assignment (like, once per semester), you can ask her to postpone it if you have a fair reason. She basically wants people to talk and practice, what is great.

We had a lot of "extra" events as well. She brought snacks to us when we were talking about food, we went to see the tree lightning festival because it was just during our class time, and we had lunch at faculty house together. I definitely recommend taking a class with Patrizia because I feel you'll get closer not only to her but also to your peers.

Every language teacher should be like Patrizia. Taking Italian with her means you will be prompted to speak, not threatened. She is an amazing woman, and will do anything she can for the class.


I never had to touch a book for this class. Patrizia takes "conversation" literally. We had one "group presentation" (each of us presented one slide) and one "individual final presentation" throughout the semester, and she lets you chose whatever you want to talk about.