this class is no joke. consider this a history AND Econ class.

lecture attendance not mandatory but highly recommended if you want to do well (I did well without attending, but I worked very hard out of class)

midterm and final exams - expect to study for hours. you need to know every concept extremely well. the final is cumulative with emphasis on 2nd half of material - overwhelming amounts of history and Econ to study.

final paper worth about 40% of grade. take this very seriously.

tons of assigned readings - none are necessary. he covers the readings u need to know in class. no textbook chapters or anything.. just some research articles u can read the abstracts of to understand. (either way, the readings will only be a few points on exams)

success depends on good notes: there are lecture slides but he says things that aren't on the slides. either find a good note taking friend or take good notes yourself.

overall experience rating: 5/10 (5 bc at least the material was interesting)
overall difficulty rating: 8/10


final exam, midterm exam, final paper, problem sets (10-15% of grade, not big deal)