December 19, 2017

Haider, Najam Gold_nugget
[RELI 2305] Islam


Professor Haider is really wonderful. I am a religion major and signed up for his course as part of the major. I thoroughly enjoyed the course!

While the workload may seem like a lot, you end up learning a lot. Professor Haider (or his TA in discussion sections) makes sure to address the readings. He is an absolutely incredible lecturer-- Professor Haider has both the ability to explain things with depth and clarity, as well as maintain a high energy level that keeps the class engaged.

Professor Haider is someone who constantly pushes you to think critically, be it during class discussions or in your weekly response. My writing and my way of approaching sources has changed for the better having been in his class.

Overall, I highly recommend taking this course!


70-100+ pages of reading a week, along with a written response. Most of my responses ended up being 4-6 pages. You have two free passes a semester (use them wisely!). If you do not use your passes, Professor Haider will drop your lowest two response scores.

There is a 5-7 page final paper and a project within the first month of class. The project is a creative project, and is rather fun.