This is not a first choice class and I understand why after taking it. Professor Paparella has just started working at Barnard and giving her the benefit of the doubt, I went into her class with an open mind. However, it was a very rough class. Although her expectations are clearly labelled on the syllabus, I cannot stress enough, how chaotic this class was. There are many rough draft assignments for the same big essay and not once, did she give them back in a timely manner. Instead, Professor Paparella staples your drafts to your final, graded draft, which is not helpful in the slightest. She is also a very harsh grader, with the highest score being a B plus on all the papers. The other twelve girls and me were constantly under the stress of not knowing what our grade was, because nothing was given back and she demolishes essays during office hours. This was another terrible aspect of the class: she tells you very close to the deadline that your essay is not good and that you should revise.


There are 3 big essays that count for most of your grade. There are many drafts for each and participation/homework/effort counts for your grade as well.