Andrew Lynn is one of the most thoughtful and skilled teachers I've had in my undergraduate experience-- he's so wonderfully deft at leading a seminar discussion, his comments on writing are constructive and tremendously helpful, etc. It's like all the mechanics of teaching, all the hard hard work that can often go un-noticed in skilled teachers, Andy has such a wonderful handle on, and with such kindness and grace. I really can't recommend his classes highly enough.

In his Critical Writing section you read a little more theory than I think many other Barnard professors will have you read, a little more theory and a little less literature, BUT even if you are not a theory-minded person, it's better you do it with a very skilled teacher than a less skilled one so I think it is abundantly worth it.


For critical writing I think 3 full papers and a biweekly low stakes 1-2 page response thing.