Briefly: Take Professor Pedatella's class if you want a teacher who is passionate and highly knowledgable. Do not take him if you're looking for an easy A, though doing well is not impossible--you just have to put in some work.

Each class period is completely discussion based, and Prof does a really good job of facilitating this discussion. He encourages participation on behalf of all students, but will not pressure you to speak if you are not comfortable doing so. He is adept at building off each student's comment and bringing in interesting information, historical context, or references to the intertextual conversation that we aren't able to pick up on. As someone incredibly well read and versed in the history, he is able to make the texts come alive. When he reads passages aloud in class, you can't help but be excited about the readings, since his passion radiates. Prof also brought a completely new perspective to analyzing texts, and on many occasions, I left class with a completely new perspective on our reading.

He tries to make time for each student during office hours, setting out 15-minute blocks for which students can register. If he is not busy helping students with their essays, he is more than happy to meet for longer periods of time to talk about any aspect of literature in which you may be interested.


Three 5-6 page essays, two of which were open prompt. For each, a rough draft is submitted, handed back with comments, and then you revise. The grades on the rough draft and final copy are averaged.

Average amount of reading each week.