This class is THE BEST class I have ever taken at Columbia (I'm a rising senior now). If you are even considering this class TAKE IT. This man changed my life. Before taking this class, I exclusively drew anime and was not formally trained. I didn't know any basic art techniques like: Measuring, Shading, etc. However, that didn't matter, Edward took my anime skills and flipped them inside out. Showing me that classical drawing is accessible to anyone willing to try.

Edward's class is formidable but he equips you with all the skills necessary to succeed. He truly teaches from the ground up and doesn't make any assumptions about a student's abilities. He taught the entire class how to measure, analyze light, shading/sculpting a 3d object on a 2d plane. Perhaps what I loved the most about Edward's teaching was his references to animation. Edward was a classical 2d animator. So it's no surprise that he used this knowledge to make the complex topic of light/shade understandable. "Abstract the shadows and look for animal shapes!" Edward would say. He helped me find pizzas and dragons on my very serious cast drawing of Micheal Angelo's "David's Eye".

Now onto Mr. Minoff himself. Edward is an extremely kind and unassuming man. His teaching style is individualized to each student. As he walked around the room, I could see different aspects of his personality at play. It was as if he adapted himself to address each student's personality and weaknesses. But what he impartially showed us all was a genuine belief that EVERYONE could accomplish the cast drawing successfully. There was no favoritism in his classroom (students' attempts at sucking up was awkwardly ignored). Also, if you want to learn more about art strike up a conversation with him!! I would ask him for tips/tricks for my other art class and he gladly helped me out.

Finally be forewarned, Edward is a HONEST GRADER. He loves his craft dearly. This isn't a game to Edward, it is his livelihood and most importantly his passion. Do not sign up for this class thinking you can get an "easy A". You get what you deserve. So work hard and discover new artistic talents with Edward. He changed my life and I am forever grateful.


In the beginning there are small weekly assignments to help you hone the techniques shown in his drawing demos. After all the techniques are presented, you have to finish the one and only drawing in the class. This is NOT EASY. It takes A LOT OF TIME TO FINISH WELL. I spent many weekends and nights in the studio. Manage your time wisely.