Originally posted in December 2015:

For juniors and seniors studying applied math, the seminar provides an opportunity to learn directly from both outside speakers and peers on various topics in applied math. Seniors have to prepare a 75 minute presentation on a topic to share with the rest of the class. Professor Wiggins is very helpful in assisting with the presentation, and he provides guidance on how to best approach your topic (both qualitatively and quantitatively, as he will assist with both outlining your talk and also will help you better research your topic). The key is to pick a topic that you are passionate about and would like to spend time researching and learning about on your own. I found that I not only enjoyed researching my topic, but also that it bridged connections between various applied math courses (whereas courses may not directly build on each other, it was interesting to see the connections between them in a single application). Many presentations also draw on results from the last hundred years (if not more recently) and this is also an exciting complement to other courses. Reflecting on the seminar, I can say it has been a great experience in terms of being able to connect with applied math students and also learning about the numerous ways applied math affects daily life (in many cases, in ways you wouldn’t have known existed before taking the seminar).


Seniors: One class-long presentation. Juniors: 5 responses during the semester and one 500-word response at the end of the semester.