January 21, 2004

Bower, Peter
BC3023 The Hudson River Environment

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Peter Bower is a fantastic teacher. He has an amazing passion for everything he talks about, which rubs off on everyone in the class. Don't think you want to spend three classes talking about the blue crab? You will with Bower, and you'll be dissapointed when its over. I remember more of what I learned in this class than any other I took that semester. There is so much about Manhattan, and specifically Morningside Heights, that I never would have known without this course, and gave me such a better understanding of the area in which I live. Also, he takes the class on impormptu walking tours on nice days.

I took the class to fill the category B Urban Studies requirement, but this class has single-handedly convinced me to concentrate in Environmental Sciences. That's how good Bower is.


There's really no work at all. Some scattered quizzes (only one or two hard map quizzes), some easy assignments to read a packet and answer questions. One easy museum assignment that took a ridiculous 4 hours at the Met. One term project, which can basically be about whatever you want in whatever format you want, which he'll accept at the end of finals. Simple as hell midterm and final, mostly open notes.