Nicole was a pleasure to have as an instructor. At the beginning of the semester, she relayed to us that her forte was not in the classics, rather on queer literature, and that she would be learning with us. It was evident throughout the semester that she worked as hard as, if not harder than the students. She made sure to have one-on-one conferences about our writing throughout the process, and comfortably managed to get everyone to speak up during the seminar. Her feedback is so helpful, making clear suggestions for improvement and showing much interest in our work. She used multiple forms of media to teach in class, including mediathread (online image/art-type program), references to pop culture, a visit to the Met, and a class trip to an off-off Broadway version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The way she pushed us to improve our skills managed to provide new lessons even for students who had already experienced the literature we were working on.

Major takeaway: Nicole is clearly interested in the work she teaches and in her students, and it is clear that she expects us to improve our skills in whatever capacity we can.


Homework at least once a week, usually short responses to passages related to the piece of literature being studied.
Three major essays, one opportunity for "perfecting" one essay a second time to improve the class grade.
Field trip to the Met for extra credit, and an opportunity to see a show with other FYE Legacy students