September 06, 2015

Minoff, Edward
[VIARR4005 (001)] Problems in Drawing

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This class, with this professor, was incredible. I am not an art major, but I love art, and he challenged me more than I have every been challenged before in this subject. I wanted to take a class that pushed the boundaries of my artistic capability, and this one did. The class is long, and you will probably need to put in extra hours, just considering you are trying to make a replica of a cast (but on paper). When you are done, though, the product makes it so worth it.

Professor Minoff knows what he is doing. He does this kind of work for a living, amongst other drawing and painting techniques , so he is experienced. He periodically roams the room and gives very honest, constructive feedback. With this kind of intricate drawing, his trained eye was invaluable during the drawing process. He is super friendly and sweet to everyone, and will give credit where credit is due.

If you put in enough effort, and really try hard to perfect your drawing, an A is attainable (though not necessarily easy). He defines an A student as one who consistently goes above and beyond the drawing expectations, and he is consistent with that in class.

I HIGHLY recommend taking this class, but it definitely takes a lot of work. Also, if you don't want him drawing on your paper, just let him know you'd prefer he teach on a separate sheet and he has no problem with that.


Reasonable, but heavier towards the end of the semester as you finish up. If you plan it out it should be fine