April 14, 2015

Maldonado-Torres, Nelson
Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Incredible, life changing class. Professor Maldonado-Torres is the most incredible professor I've ever had. He is really invested in the class, knows his stuff, and is invested in the students. Don't be put off by the first class where he talks logistics of the course the whole time. It gets 10000000xs better from there. His lectures are engaging and sometimes funny. The course is extremely relevant and the professor connects current day events to the texts we are reading. He's super helpful and responsive and is always willing to chat or hear your ideas. I really think this class with Maldonado-Torres is a must.


Weekly reading, usually less than 100 pages. Totally manageable- you don't need to read word for word
4 reflections about a reading through out the semester, whenever you want- 1 page each
2 midterms, one at normal midterm time, 1 as the final- both short answer/essay- if you've been going to lecture and discussion section and doing most of the reading you'll be fine.
1 7-9 page paper on a topic of your choice.