January 05, 2004

Regan, Marie
Intro to Film

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I felt a duty to post something because I disagreed with most of the other reviews. I think that first one is too harsh: Prof. Regan does know her stuff, she is smart and has good tastes (I think). I thought the syllabus was well put together, even for "serious" film students. However, I agree that she does not know how to lead a discussion - partly this was the class' fault, but I think Marie could have done a lot better. I hardly ever gained real insight from the tedious discussions, and she rarely responded to student comments. They would go something like: "that first scene had lots of close-ups." "yes." "that part had colorful costumes." "okay." Also, the first paper was basically a test to see if we could spit out all the terms she'd written up on the board; it required no analytic effort. I know a lot of people had qualms with her grading, which was sometimes unreasonable and definitely inconsistent (and I have never complained about grading before at Columbia). Further, she missed the last few classes and the discussions were led by the TA and a guest lecturer. I had thought the discussions couldn't get any worse, but I was wrong - it was completely ridiculous. And to top it all off, she failed to bring the class evaluations on the last day. All in all, I can imagine worse, but a lot of things about this class annoyed me, and I would avoid it with Prof. Regan if possible.