December 18, 2003

Nepomnyashchy, Catharine Silver_nugget
Cities and Civs

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Oh dear. Where to begin with this class? See the workload below... besides that, Neppmnyashchy is a very nice and understanding lady. She has a meandering way of getting through a lecture - every topic gets brought in for like 5 minutes. She kinda puts everyone to sleep. But she's nice and willing to modify especially heavy assignments.


I know people who are seniors taking major seminars and thought this class gave more work than the seminar. It's a huge amount of reading, plus weekly journal entries and movie reviews!! AHHH!! Everyone in the class bonded through the ridiculousness of the work load. There's a midterm paper (10 pg) and an easy final but the whole class is a lot of work.