December 15, 2003

Adams, Glenda
Narrative Forms

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Although Professor Adams could win us over with her cuteness, she was largely unhelpful as a writing instructor. Classes consist of a few attempts to get students interested in the work of famous authors, some unhelpful diagrams on the board, and then workshopping up to four works each time. It turns out that there are too many assignments to allow for effective revision, not to mention the fact that her comments on your work are more analysis of its deeper meanings than critical suggestions. She expects people to read other people's work (I repeat, four stories each class) AND also read the copies of stories and other nonsense she passes out each time. Fortunately, she's too wishy-washy to follow up on most of this stuff. She's extremely sweet-tempered and she put up with the snide comments our class was continually making, but her teaching skills are fluffy at best. One good thing was that she seemed to get really involved in every story, resulting in her remembering everything that anyone ever wrote. Which, actually, might not be such a good thing after all.


Almost weekly short exercises (some completely useless, like "A Sitcom Analysis"; three long stories for workshop (revisions allowed); an unrevised portfolio due at the end of class