November 15, 2003

Carman, Taylor Silver_nugget
[PHIL V3270] 19th Century Philosophy: Hegel to Nietzsche and [PHIL V3740] Hermeneutics, History, and the Human Sciences

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Taylor Carman is a wonder-worker, one of the most captivating lecturers that I have encountered in my Columbia career. Essentially, he understands complex philosophical texts so well (we're talking Hegel, Kant, and Heidegger here - I'm pretty sure that he's fluent in German) and explains them so beautifully -- and comprehensibly -- that his courses almost negate the need to read the primary source being discussed. This man is, I repeat, a genious, and his cult following has been flourishing as of late. Also, a really nice and approachable guy at office hours.


The workload is not too bad - a few papers - but Carman is a hard grader and likes papers with no frivolous elements or personal opinions -- only straightforward discussion of the philosophic problem in question.