December 31, 1999

Jelinek, Milena
Script Analysis

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Jelinek has perfected boredom. Her delivery is rote. One is better off reading the required texts. It is imcomprehensible that our parents pay so much money for an Ivy League education, and instead get an Ivy League bill and a boring intsructor. One can find more interesting teachers in the local learning annex. It is absolutely mind boggling to have to sit in front of someone who merely repeats the bold lines of the text that is issued. One is better off paying the twenty bucks for the text and not taking the course.


Course load is not high, but like in all film classes the students are graded by grad students who for the most part have taken less film courses than you have! In fact, I had one grad student who was in the same introductory course that I was in, and this individual, with limited knowledge was grading our papers... Unreal!