June 02, 2003

Consagra, Pier
Basic Drawing

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

While its true that Pier's critiques are basically useless (he thinks all of western art history can be summed up in the terms 'presence' and 'absence') the critiques are only the last 15 minutes of class. He is the only basic drawing teacher who focuses on figure drawing- which is terrific and really improves your skills. While his end of class critiques are useless, if you ask for help during class he gives good guidance. If he doesnt say anything about your drawing in class, ask him afterwards- it can be very worthwhile, especially because he'll skip most of that presence/absence junk. Unfortunately, he spends the last few weeks of the class asking you to doodle- an exercise he thinks will let out your id (see above for pier's relationship to freud)- which is just annoying and useless. Overall he is amusing, and you will improve your drawing- even if its more from the classroom environment than from his instruction. Its worth taking the class just for the figure drawing.


1 drawing a week- much better than reading or problem sets. Final project is a life sized self-portrait. Ive had lots of drawing experience, and I only got an A- in the course, so that may say something about his grading system (maybe I didnt draw enough distorted porn).