May 20, 2003

Weiss-Halivni, David
Jewish Family Law

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

One of the easiest classes ever!!!!!! Professor Halivni is a Godsend (no pun intended). He really doesn't demand much from his undergrads (which is kind of sad, because the class runs on a high-school level and can make the class seem a bit tedious at times), but he is really REALLY brilliant. The class might not reflect his genius, but talk to him after class and you'll see. Although attendance is sort of mandatory, you don't need to pay attention unless you want to (because there are no tests and the paper doesn't have to be on something we covered in class). But if you want a class that isn't at all demanding, than TAKE THIS CLASS. He is also a wonderful, sweet man, who should teach a class on his life experiences, because that would be MUCH more captivating. One recommendation though: Drink LOTS of caffeine before (and during) the class!


one 15 page paper due ANY time you want (included a month after school is over) "Just get it to me before you graduate."