May 12, 2003

Consagra, Pier
Basic Drawing

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

He's a decent teacher, helpful mainly with the figure drawing, but most of what you will learn will come from simply drawing for 5 hours a week in class. His critiques are laughable. He focuses on about 3 abstract terms and judges all art on the basis of these-you will understand the relevance of none of them. His taste in art is absurd. He obsesses over awful drawings for some obscure reason and grazes over masterpieces with relative disinterest. He was also raised by Freud; everything is sexual reference in his eyes.


5 hours in class p/week at 930am. Weekly drawing assignments, most you can do the night before if you have a couple of hours free. final project is a life-sized self portrait, and he continually talks about his student who drew himself with a 6 foot penis, basically, draw distorted porn and you'll get an A