January 14, 2003

Carman, Taylor Silver_nugget
[PHIL V3270] 19th Century Philosophy: Hegel to Nietzsche

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Prof. Carman is a realy great lecturer for all the reasons that other reviewers have said. I have one caveat to that however, sometimes he allows too much strudent discussion, he tries to suppress the really bad points, but has too much personal niceness and philosophical respect to do so as ruthlessly as some points deserve. Also, to everyone who complained about his grading: he isn't unfair, he just doesn't inflate grades. More importantly, he wonn't just write something like "B-, poor presentation, developed your least interesting ideas most." (Which were his criticisms of my first paper.) He will write two pages of notes on your paper that will allow you to substantially improve on your second and third papers, IF you really consider his criticisms and take them to heart. Also, for majors, the improvements in philosophical prose he will force you to make will wind up helping your GPA more than his demanding standards will hurt it.


3 five page papers. Moderate but occassionally difficult (or, for Hegel, completely impenetrable,) readings, that are necessary to maximally enjoy the class, but not crucial to your understandigns as his lectures are top notch.