January 02, 2003

Regan, Marie
Intro to the study and theory of film

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I totally disagree with the previous review. Upon enrolling in her summer course, I found Regan to be extremely endearing (she had never before taught at Columbia and started out nervous but quickly unraveled into a captivating, enthusiastic lecturer). In fact, I'd rank this couse as probably the most fun course I've taken at Columbia, HOWEVER I have never before taken a film class and was watching all the movies for the first time. Also, I had a crush on Regan, who bears a resemblance to Julianne Moore. Nonetheless, if you are a Barnard student looking to fulfill an art's requirement or if you are just looking for an entertaining (albeit challenging) course this is an excellent, fufilling class to take. I loved almost every minute of it.


TOUGH but worth it. I took the class in the summer so had enough time for all the loads of work, but perhaps it would seem unreasonable during a normal semester