December 06, 2002

Carman, Taylor Silver_nugget
[PHIL V3270] 19th Century Philosophy: Hegel to Nietzsche

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Wow. Whatta great course! Prof Carman is a wonderful lecturer -- interesting, informative, entertaining. The class was cracking up several times a lecture; the material was all very interesting and relevant and fresh and un-stodgy. He speaks calmly, but with enthusiasm; he always has the time and patience for student questions, so that the 100-person lecture never felt intimidating; he has a genuine concern for students and a passionate and honest interest in the subject matter. He was always available, not only during office hours but at other times as well, for long discussions about essays and anything else. The first time I went to see him, we talked for an hour and a half about Hegel, Kant, Marx, Popper, Soros, Plato, Stalin, and god knows what else. He's an organized lecturer but doesn't talk like a machine - he's quite spontaneous. A combination of intelligence, knowledge, humiltiy, wit and humor, and accessibility. I cannot imagine a better philosophy course.


Three five-page essays. That's it. Grading is fair and reasonable; he cancelled the final.