August 30, 2002

Regan, Marie
Intro Film History & Theory

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Serious film students and those who love film should avoid Prof. Regan at all costs. Her selection of films is almost completely redundant for those who have taken a film class before (Citizen Kane, Stagecoach, The Big Sleep, etc.), and her lectures add nearly nothing new to the experience. To her credit, she includes a Dogme 95 film, Celebration, but nothing else new. She assigns a mandatory film journal that turns the experience of independently discovering readings that should be optional (some are very good) into a painfully tedious chore. Additionally, Prof. Regan's tests are unnecessarily difficult - when a single essay question would suffice, she asks four - and designed so poorly that even the best film students will have difficulty demonstrating their knowledge. Since the summer class incorporated a discussion, it bears mentioning that Prof. Regan is a terrible moderator of class discussion, and simply does not yet know how to ask the right questions of her students. Consider yourself warned.


Many readings - all mandatory - in order to complete a "film journal" of moderate length with a nebulous purpose, one two-page paper, one six-page paper, and a take-home final exam with five essay questions (each essay takes up five to six pages)