April 03, 2014

Ivanyi, Katharina Silver_nugget
[RELI 2305] Islam

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Ivanyi needed a culpa review because she is just such a lovely person. I took her Islam class in fall 2013 and loved it. For starters, she is an adorable person. You really couldn't find a nicer professor. On top of that, her lectures are interesting and she assigns interesting readings. The work is never overwhelming and it was really a joy to be in her class. She will assign lots of readings, and you should read them because they're interesting, but they're not essential. Her grading wasn't too harsh and it was distributed well so you had ample opportunity to make up for a bombed quiz. You definitely need to go to class, and not just because she takes attendance--it's honestly interesting stuff and if you listen and take good notes you won't have to study for the quizzes very much. Plus, showing up gets you like 10% of your grade. Definitely take Professor Ivanyi's class. She is lovely.


Readings for every class, 4 reading quizzes spread throughout the semester (she'll give you a list of terms and you really only need to know those), 8 reading responses, midterm book review, final essays. It sounds like a lot more than it is because everything is spread out really well throughout the semester such that you never feel overwhelmed by it.