December 08, 2013

Pedatella, Stefan Silver_nugget
[FYSB BC1156/69] First Year Seminar: Legacy of the Mediterranean I

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Pedatella was often late to class and kept us late. He seems to be very passionate about what we discuss, but he really enjoys making students feel inadequate, unprepared, and stupid about the material. He frequently would mention obscure terms in Latin and then scoff if we didn't know them. Essay feedback was not very helpful and seems to be limited to his individual preferences. Unclear about class/essay requirements. Participation is a HUGE part of the final grade (25%) but he makes it difficult to participate as he will often "shoot down" your comments and tends to embarrass you if he doesn't think your opinion is accurate.

GREAT course. I loved the reading and the course material but I would not take it with him.


Workload was minimal. 2 "regular" essays and 1 final essay, each requiring a draft and a final version to be submitted. Reading due every class, yet it's manageable amounts. Essays weren't difficult but Pedatella's feedback didn't help.