November 01, 2013

Oak, Samuel Silver_nugget
[ECON W3026] Pokenomics

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Don't take this class, it's a scam!
Professor Oak is using his students only to complete his precious Pokedex, the work of his whole life. Moreover, he will tell you that you have to find 151 pokemon, even if apparently some of them cannot be found, but every fucking time you go back to him, he will tell you that there are hundred more things to catch...

He keeps pushing the students to find more and more pokemons, even if I was perfectly fine with my Ratata... I had to put him in a shelter in order to make room for stronger pokemons...

The man have a really unhealthy addiction to pokemon

And if the pokedex it's the work of his life, why the fuck is it empty???


Tons of work, lots of walking and you really really have to enjoy beating up weird animals