February 12, 2013

Oak, Samuel Silver_nugget
[ECON W3026] Pokenomics

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Oak is a great professor and taught me a lot.

I was a little nervous about Pokemon and all, but Professor Oak just gave me a Pokemon and threw me into the wilderness. I was able to learn everything fairly quickly and managed to only get electrocuted about 12 times.

One experimental method Prof Oak (as he likes us to call him) does is setting you up with a rival. Mine just happened to be his grandson. It was weird.

Speaking of weird, though you'll learn a lot from Prof. Oak, he will almost never remember your name. He asked me my name like ten times, and he even asked me what his grandson's name was. At first I just told him it was Gary, but then I just started making up some random names, like Monkey Head, Clark Kent, and even Blue. I mean who would believe their grandson was named after a color?

One last thing I'd like to say is perhaps the best thing about Professor Oak. He cares. Honestly, when I was struggling he offered to come to my house to help me out. He even had weekly and sometimes daily meetings with my mom. He even joined us on our vacation, and when my mom told me she was sick, Professor Oak took care of her while I had fun. The only downside is that he kept locking the door, and it would take him like 5 minutes to finally open it. Other than that, Professor Oak was awesome.

I definetely suggest taking this class.


This is a year long course. You are sent off into the wilderness , and asked to come back with as many badges as possible. You then have to battle the elite four for your final.

(Note: You can redo any gym battle or elite four battle, so you basically automatically win if you keep trying).

Also, Professor Oak gives you extra credit for catching all the Pokemon. However, this class was created over two decades ago, so the amount of Pokemon has raised from a possible 151 to over 600, so don't expect to be able to do this with out cheating.