January 03, 2013

Myers, Kristin Silver_nugget
[MECE E1001] Mechanical Engineering: From Micro Machines to Jumbo Jets

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Overall, Prof Myers was a great professor. She is always willing to answer any question you may have.
Prof Myers basically does everything she can to give everyone an A because (1) she gives you the opportunity to use a cheat sheet during the midterm and final, (2) she makes her exams really easy, and (3) she is lenient when it comes to grading the final project that you have to do at the end of the semester. The class is a GPA booster, but you have to work for it. It helps if you've taken AP Physics B.


Problem set due every week (some problems are a little difficult and can take some time), 30%
Midterm (easier than or same level as the problem sets), 25%
Final Project (it consumes some time), 20%
Final Exam (same level of difficulty as midterm), 25%