November 20, 2012

Vydrin, Eugene Silver_nugget
[FYSB BC1156/69] First Year Seminar: Legacy of the Mediterranean I

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I should start off by saying I was put into this class after having a scheduling conflict and I didn't even want a Legacy of the Mediterranean class. I was scared of the workload and the intensity of the texts as I'd read a few before. I could not have been luckier. Eugene is one of the best English teachers I've ever had in my life! He is extraordinarily, involved in every class discussion, making anything and everything you say both relevant and intelligent (even if it wasn't originally). Not only is he fairly lenient when it comes to handing in papers, but he is flexible with his office hours and always gives 200% when you meet with him. Whenever I go to his office hours I always felt he was just as engaged (if not more) in my paper as I was and extremely helpful in terms of the direction I should take my paper in. Aside from that I actually have learned a ton about writing in his class and I honestly believe I've become a better writer because of him. If more teachers were as passionate about what they taught as Eugene, everyone would love English. Take this class weather you're good at English or not- I promise you will love it.


You go through a lot of books, but you never read the entire thing. The chapters/sections that are assigned you should read because it honestly makes the discussions fun. I'd say moderate work load.