May 10, 2012

Gibson, Lindsay Silver_nugget
Essay Writing (Journalism)

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This review is actually for University Writing. She doesn't return emails. She doesn't really give out too much busy work. She grades her essays pretty hard. I tried to e-mail/ask her for help, and she didn't respond. If she does help, she is reluctant and wants you to figure everything out. One time I emailed my essay to her to see if she could find any faults with my argument and all she said "much improved." Then I got a B on the essay. Unless you are a naturally gifted writer, do not enroll in her class, because she doesn't help/guide you at all.


Not too much work in the class, but that doesn't make this an easy class! Be prepared to spend all the free time in the class where she doesn't give out HW to edit/nag her to help you with your essay if she is willing.