January 05, 2011

Basalo, Ines
[E3018] Mechanical Engineering Lab I

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Ines is pretty good at conveying the lecture part of this class. Her notes are well organized and quite readable. Only the statistics part of lecture is on the test. In lab itself, she is not helpful at all. Any technical question you have will be referred to Bob. You should avoid interacting with Ines in lab because she mostly tells you you're doing it wrong and costs you time. Generally the way you were doing it worked fine, but now you have to spend another half hour doing it again.


1 Midterm: 2 statistics problems, a bunch of short answer "describe the lab you did" questions

5 Lab reports: Really, really arbitrary grading convention. Penalties for style, spelling, etc. You must get a very good grade on the first one so the TA's learn that your group is "good" and look for fewer things to penalize you for later on. Ines sometimes goes through with a different color pen, after the TA is finished, and takes more points off.

1 Lab notebook: It's not clear why you need to handwrite data for most labs. In most cases you'll just copy out of your excel file. The notebook is graded out of 5 points and hardly anyone gets 5/5. The reasons for this are unclear.