April 01, 2010

Oak, Samuel Silver_nugget
[ECON W3026] Pokenomics

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Oak is an excellent professor. His class may not be as popular as Professor Alden, but it was a fun class and I learned a lot. He is great at explaining things and also very funny. Oak's lectures always begin with interesting, challenging questions that will be answered within the lecture. He is very math-oriented and likes to use equations rather than graphs, so be sure to try and make sure you understand what he is doing either in class (which may be hard since he does things so quickly) or after class.

The weekly problem sets (20% of your grade) are usually pretty challenging, and the grading is a bit harsh on them (they are graded out of 4, and if you make one mistake, you're going to get a 3.5). However, the recitation section is usually a good resource to use if you're confused on the homework.

I would definitely recommend Professor Oak's class to anybody interested in becoming a pokemon master.


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