December 14, 2009

Keegan, Matthew
Basic Drawing

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Matt is an incredible teacher. I've taken plenty of mind-numbing Basic Drawing classes through the years and I was dreading being forced to take one more. Luckily, Matt's class in nothing like your typical "draw the shoe 60 times and let me suck out any personal identity you have as an artist while I'm at it" intro course. He teaches a broad range of mediums, and encourages students to push themselves out of their comfort zone. For some people that means teaching them to draw to life, for some it means trying new media, and for others it means encouraging them to break away from realism. He actually looks at the individual student and where they are in their development as an artist. Granted, if you want a class to simply teach you to draw a pretty still life or portrait, then someone else's class is probably a better choice. But Matt is an working artist and he will teach you to approach art as a working artist would--you will learn technique but you will also learn how to think and talk about art.

Note: Syllabus is very flexible, and the class included both fieldtrips to other galleries (MoMA and Chelsea) as well as visits and lectures by current artists.


Pretty self-determined. About one major assignment in a one to two-week period, but how much you do outside of class is up to you.