February 09, 2009

Pious, Richard Silver_nugget
Crisis of Authority (FY Seminar)

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

You will not regret taking this class. Even though Pious may have rules and regulations, they are practical, and if you're a human being with even a small dose of common sense, you'll understand why he's strict about enforcing them. Before you take this class, though, be prepared to toss whatever you may have learned about writing from your high school teachers; it'll fail you here. Pious can appreciate creativity, which is something I miss, since my current English professor seems to regard originality as a flaw. Don't be afraid to participate. Seriously. Even if you're wrong, he'll find a way to make it sound alright, and he'll definitely remember and appreciate you for trying.

I wish I could take this class every semester, because he makes it worth taking. The readings are pretty interesting too, and many of them you'll remember for a long time afterward.


3-4 essays. Final drafts only. Lots of reading, but interesting ones...not bad at all.