February 01, 2002

Collins, John
[PHIL V3601] Metaphysics, [PHIL W4565] Rational Choice, and Formal Logic

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I took three classes from John Collins in my four years at college, and I would not hesitate to claim that a few hours a week with him ought to be required for any undergrad claiming to think logically, and certainly anyone considering philosophy as a major or concentration. The man is brilliant. There are those in his classes who think he is smug and disorganized, but they usually make up the vocal minority. Philosophy students, including MA and PhDs, seek out his classes in order to soak in his rants and observe his methodical process of thinking. Classes are engaging, extremely enjoyable, and John is always willing to offer further explanation to the confused mind. I took Metaphysics as my first philosophy class, and did fine without Methods and Problems, which seems to be the class people complain about. The real reason people complain is that they are not philosophers and are intimidated by the process of becoming one (lots of thinking, not much doing).


Varies from class to class. He doesn't give away As, and sometimes it is hard to figure out what you did wrong, but intellectually, the classes are gold mines. You come out smarter.