August 16, 2007

Khaja, Jameel Silver_nugget
Intro to Film

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

A really great professor. He managed to hold some engaging discussions at 10:00 in the morning in a dark viewing room with over 100 students. Not bad.

His syllabus offers such a range of films, from short experimentals to documentaries to classics to Top Gun. So chances are, you'll dislike some and like a lot of them. His rants- free associative reviews of the films in class- are a pretty cool idea, not nearly as tedious as they sound. I liked the photo assignment a lot. The papers are great because he gives you complete freedom in choosing the film AND the methods on which you are analyzing the film.

Take this class if you have a basic interest in film or if you want a fun elective that will expand your movie vocabularly. But as other reviews have mentioned, it is NOT an easy A. Your writing in particular has to be strong; writing for film classes is quite different then writing for other courses.


A quick and painless rant every few weeks (1-2 pages, typed double-spaced), a fun photo project, midterm, and final papers. The readings can be heavy, but you can pace yourself as they're not really critical until you start writing the papers.