May 07, 2007

Keegan, Matthew
Basic Drawing

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Matt Keegan is a prime example of the CRIMINALLY BAD ART TEACHER! This was a BASIC DRAWING CLASS, and for the second project, he had students create a COLLAGE. I cannot understand the justification for this. The course title "Basic Drawing" implies that the student will be taught how to DRAW, not be instructed to cut pretty pictures out of magazines and stick them onto a sketchpad. Keegan offered absolutely NO teaching of drawing to students WHATSOEVER, and his attitude toward evaluation of work is "I'm ok, you're ok." Any work made by students, good or bad, was received equally by Keegan. This attitude does absolutely NOTHING for the student. Since he seems so afraid to teach, he should be BARRED from doing so. I am not at Columbia to waste my money to be told that my drawings are fine. I want to have the strengths and weaknesses in technique pointed out to me, and I expect the instuctor to offer insight into how I can improve my technique. I took basic drawing to LEARN HOW TO DRAW, and I am really irritataed that I received absolutely no instruction on this at ALL. I was not even given pointers on how to approach the aesthetic problems that arise in basic drawing. By far, the biggest waste of my time and money at Columbia.


One "composition" per week. Not necessarily one "drawing," being that drawing per se was not the main focus of the course, idiotically so...