November 03, 2006

Padilla, George Gold_nugget
beginning self defense

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Take his class. He is the gym teacher you always wanted. You can miss up to four classes, you can email him to politely ask him to write a fitness program for you (which exercises you want to do to get those killer abs/legs/etc.), he brings in articles that relate to the lesson and a video to show other martial art training. He isn't bossy. if he sees you're having problems, he'll come over and show you what you should be doing.
The class is a lot of touching between the students (so if you're not into that, you should overcome that fear because at the end of every class he has hand sanitizer for you. You can't deprave yourself from learning from this guy just because you don't want to be touched. The class teachs you how to avoid being touched on the street!) He is also very knowledgable about phsycial education (why you're feeling cramps during a particular exercise, etc.). The class is very helpful and fun. He'll ask 'how do you get out of this?' and you can suggest answers. Note: some answers are very surprising. If your class is odd numbered, you might be paired up with him. Relax, he's very nice and often you have to act like the bad guy to him. This may be the only class you can ever do that to a teacher!


There was one assignment--look on a website that listed sex offenders (just punch in your zip code) and report what you find in the class. Really, that's it.