September 22, 2005

Kennedy, Raymond
Narrative Forms

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I really liked this professor and, although I had my doubts initially, I really liked this class. One of the biggest problems was that, because it was a summer class, participants weren't screened for writing samples, with the result that nearly half of the students in this class had very basic problems with writing, including spelling and grammar. Reading and workshopping these pieces was often, given that this was supposedly an intermediate writing class, a waste of time.
Despite that serious problem, Raymond, though he IS hard of hearing and DOES ramble, is great. It's amazing, as a young writer, to have a mentor who has been there. He doesn't really give a sh*t about a lot of the niceties of professorship and is kind of a renegade character, but that all just makes me like him more.

This class is recommended for anyone who knows how to write and doesn't have a stick up their *ss.


A short vignette, three stories, no revisions.