January 05, 2005

McGourty, Jack
Engineering and the Rise of Modern Industry

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Okay, if like 90% of apathetic college students, you just want an easy A, this is the class for you. I did a whole semester's full of work in 2 days. The 15 page paper my friend and I wrote was so bad that we ourselves were too lazy to read the other one's part to completion.
The only thing you'll learn in this class is that one-sided debates do exist and this is the only line of reasoning used by the professor. Don't get me wrong, Jack is certainly approachable and lovable, and he made the time not only bearable but slightly entertaining, but if you came here to get more out of your education than 2+ hours of someone bemoaning technology and revealing how screwed up the corporate world is, well perhaps you should try another class to fulfill your science requirement...


one 15 page paper done in a group (so the most you have to write is 7.5 pages), one 5 page book report, one powerpoint presentation (if you sign up for a late enough date, ie: the last day of class, he might not get to you)